What is Booze Yoga?

Doesn't that go against standard yoga principles?
Possibly, but…

BOOZE YOGA first and foremost is meant to be a good time with positive vibes. An all-levels Vinyasa yoga class taught by certified yoga instructor Tas Upright at local bars, breweries, and restaurants, BOOZE YOGA combines the benefits of yoga with having a drink in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. BOOZE YOGA is not meant to replace a traditional yoga practice, but is a great way for seasoned yogis to get outside the studio and do what they love in a more social setting while getting a little crazy! BOOZE YOGA is also a great place for beginners to do yoga for the first time! Especially those who may find going to a studio a little intimidating. The bottom line is BOOZE YOGA is for everyone! So, whether you’re an expert, a beginner, or somewhere in between, come have a drink with us and do some BOOZE YOGA!

Private parties too…

BOOZE YOGA is available for private parties and events also! Kick off your celebration with something fun, new, and different; and lift the spirits of your guests, all while doing something healthy and positive for the mind, body, and soul. Nothing breaks the ice and bonds a group together better than a shared experience, as well as being a great conversation starter after class. The bottom line… BOOZE YOGA will get the party started right! We can help in finding a proper location and assist in organizing the event. We can also supply yoga mats if your partygoers do not have their own. Feel free to contact us below for more info about group rates and location details, or with any other questions you may have. And by the way, we like to party too, so don’t forget to put
BOOZE YOGA on your
guest list!

non alcoholic too…

BOOZE YOGA founder TAS UPRIGHT stresses the importance of a regular yoga practice that, of course, doesn’t involve drinking alcohol. Most days you can find her at the beautiful BODY HEAT HOT YOGA AND PILATES studio in Las Vegas, NV, where she teaches Yin, Hatha, and Vinyasa style yogas, Yoga Sculpt, and Mat Pilates alongside other great instructors that can help you establish a strong, daily practice. TAS is also available for private individual and small group sessions, and pre-natal yoga classes. She will bring the yoga to you and design a 75-90 minute class based on your unique needs. Whether you desire an upbeat power Vinyasa, some Yin to wind down and relax, or just want to stay limber and mentally focused while growing that little bun in your oven, TAS can guide you through it!!

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Who Is this tas upright?

And why teach yoga at a bar?

About 2 years ago, while having drinks at a local bar, Tas’ friend Kristee suggested that she should do a yoga class there. The idea of combining her love of yoga with her enjoyment of having a drink with friends sounded like a perfect match. Hence, BOOZE YOGA was born! Tas began giving fun, light spirited, all levels Vinyasa yoga classes at local bars, and the word started to spread quickly and the classes began to grow.

Tas was born Bangkok, Thailand and grew up in Las Vegas, NV, surrounded by the bright lights and 24 hour fun that the city offers. She’s a mother, an animal lover/advocate, and when not teaching or practicing yoga, can be found spending time with her loved ones, hiking, traveling, and (more than likely) having a drink with friends or taking a nap.

Tas first tried hot yoga due to numbness in her arm from a shoulder injury that was not improving. She instantly fell in love with it’s benefits, and how she felt, both physically and mentally, after each class. Within a few months she was taking multiple classes a day, and discovering that yoga is not just about stretching, but a connection of mind, body, and spirit. Having been through some rough years in the past and having a bit of a short fuse, she feels that finding her breath in each pose helps gives her a sense of calmness and control, not only in her practice, but in all aspects of her life. Tas believes you can accomplish anything with patience, concentration, and dedication.

Years ago, if someone told her she would be a yoga instructor in the future, let alone do yoga, she probably would’ve laughed at them. Having never dreamt of it, and like many of the best surprises in life, she’ll tell you that it basically just happened. After dedicating herself to a daily yoga practice, and seeing the positive changes she was experiencing overall, Tas jokingly mentioned to her first yoga instructor, Erae*, who had also become her friend, that she should sign up for the teacher training. Erae* immediately told her she should. After some thought, and a little nudging, Tas eventually signed up and Erae* became her mentor, closely guiding and helping her through the training course. Two days after Tas graduated from teacher training, Erae* tragically passed away in a car accident. The loss of her dear friend and mentor devastated her, and for a time Tas almost gave up on becoming an instructor, but in the end realized she owed it to Erae* to not only continue, but to give it her all and be the best she can be. Tas dedicates her career, and many of the good things she currently has in her life to her friend Erae*, and will always keep her in her heart.

Tas has completed 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training, and is also certified in Yin Yoga, MiniYogis, and Prenatal Yoga. She is also a certified Pilates Instructor, and plans to get more certifications in the future. Considering herself a forever student, she continues to take workshops and is striving to become educated in all aspects of yoga, because life is a learning process and will only be what you make of it.

  • Love Of Charity

    Along with the regular Booze Yoga, Tas has also created 'Yoga Sesh For Pits' at the bar, as a way to raise money for local Pit Bull Rescues. She plans to do more in the future for other causes as well.

  • rebellious past

    In her early 20s Tas will tell you she was very angry and self destructive, and most people who meet her today find it hard to believe she used to train Muay Thai and sing for a local grindcore band.

  • as a mentor

    Helping aspiring yoga instructors in teacher training, Tas enjoys guiding others in their pursuit of a yoga career. She believes in order for them to become the best teachers they can be, they must always remain students of life first.

  • Daring To Dream

    Tas would like to make Booze Yoga grow outside of Las Vegas, hoping to take it to other cities and states, and possibly to her native country Thailand, where she dreams of opening a yoga retreat one day.

Wanna party?